There are 17 indicative objectives with 169 indicative targets as well as about 300 indicators in 2030 sustainable development objectives. The health sector position is one of the key components in achieving the indicators. Southeast Asian countries are seen as important part in formulating strategic and policy efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving the various goals of the SDGs.

Therefore, the Doctoral Program of Health Science, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Airlangga present an international symposium with the theme “Achieving SDGs in South East Asia: Challenging and Tackling of Tropical Health Problems”. The objectives of this International Symposium to disseminate knowledge and share it to the public, especially in the scientific community, such as academics and practitioners in the field of health.

The results of this symposium are also expected to be an input for policy makers, from various levels in formulating programs to accelerate the SDGs goals’ achievement. The estimated number of symposium participants: 250 – 300 people, including: Lecturers and students, health policy makers, private parties (factories and drug suppliers, clinics and private hospitals, health-related industries), professional organizations, Various organizations of Non Government Organization (NGO) and Parties interested in participating.

1st Announcement